Tuesday, February 9, 2010

AFG, Preschool and Kumon

A mini update for all of you who wonder what Adam is doing in Afghanistan, without divulging any national security secrets (as if I would know any), a whole lot of nothing. He goes to work, works out all the time, and wakes up in the middle of the night just to eat. It sounds just like him, doesn't it? I guess it's mostly an update on how bored he is. He is on a base he can't really leave, where the highlight of his day is going to the one small store to see if they have anything new. It's Ground Hog Day without the awesome diner. If you want to cheer him up, I would be more than happy to provide his email address or you can contact him on Facebook. If you want to send him a package, as I know some of you have asked me to provide ideas on what to include, think like a 5 year old...Gummy Bears! He also has people that he works with that don't get any packages, so it might be nice to send a gift that everyone can share. I don't bake so I never suggest anyone else do that, but perhaps a nice bakery is around the corner from you, like the lovely Sugar Plum Bakery here in Virginia Beach. They make much better baked goods than I ever could.

Jaden is doing great in Preschool. He is loving his teachers and has even begun to join in the group, another first for him. The only person that he has ever wanted to interact with is Ava or myself. I am constantly amazed by his progress. He initiates conversation, asks for items, shows more affection, acknowledges people and even expresses dismay when people leave the house. It's a whole new world for him and us.

I have just learned about this wonderful resource for Ava and I to work with, provided through Kumon. I was recommended them through my friend, Amber, who is a talented Homeschool Teacher. The games and workbooks are engaging and go right along with our Unplugged Play method of entertainment and learning throughout the day. Since Jaden is in school and learning to use scissors, letters, numbers, ect.., it's only fair that Ava have the same stimulus at home. We do some "school" each day for a couple of hours. I think her favorite is the matching up her letters with the corresponding picture on it, e.g. "M" Milk, "N" Newspaper, because she cheers every time she finds a match. They are great and really let her engage at her own pace. We also have the usual puzzles, coloring, painting, stringing macaroni, and sorting colors and shapes, but I think the best learning opportunities are when we are out in the real world and we find letters, numbers, colors and shapes in the environment. She practices her manners when we shop, and is learning patience and commerce in the checkout line at least once a week when we do a bit of grocery shopping together.

That's the update on the home front. I have been back to work, and it's making for some busy time after the twins are down to sleep, but I love being able to take photographs again. There is something special about people letting you into their lives even for a little while, that has to make you feel a bit privilaged. I really just like what I do, and it makes something in me sing. If you want to see what I have been working on, take a look over at Starlite Photography.

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