Thursday, August 13, 2009

iPhone for Mommyhood

I have an iPhone, ostensibly for work.  I do have a credit card processing app that is fully functional with a simple interface, but the apps that I love the most are the ones that Mommyhood demands.  I have alarms and iCal which nonone can do without if you have Momnesia (the lack of memory beginning in pregnancy and continuing throughout the sleep-deprivation phase).  I love Facebook, since I can let my other Mom's or the Husband see photos, know when I am running late, and do it all without having to be at a computer or talk on the phone, which is difficult when you have two people screaming about Nemo Fruit Snacks.  I have been using SparkPeople to track how many calories are in my guilty pleasures, in the hope that it shames me into avoiding them.  I like several apps aimed at foodies like, Whole Foods Market which gives me ideas on how to cook things that I get in my CSA like white eggplant and turnips; Epicurious for ambitious days, and Betty Crocker for ways to fool my family and friends into thinking that I might be able to bake.  I get those mixes on sale and no one is the wiser.  I save money at the grocery store with Cellfire that lets me load coupons on my saved store card and use them within about 10 minutes.  I even have little fun learning tools for the twins to keep their attention when their patience runs out, like the ABC's and fun bobble head animals.  It lets me check the weather, my email and even sometimes talk on the phone, but mostly it makes it easier for me to feel in touch with the world out there when most of my day is spent singing the same songs, squishing play-doh and asking who has to go potty around 200 times.  If you need a new phone and think that the iPhone is only for executives or people who want to be trendy, save the money on a new laptop, which is in danger of having juice spilled on it and getting ruined in my house and check the New York Times or E! while you have a moment waiting in the line at the bank, or while you are stuck in the ER for the second time in a month because someone "might" have eaten an earring (or Scrabble tile).  It's not any pricier than any other plan out there, and it's my little link to the outside world.  Invest in antidepressants or just get Pandora and create a Laurie Berkner station and stop the voices from screaming inside your head.

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Amber said...

And don't forget about Air Hockey!!