Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Brew Group * Small Group and more...

Well, there are some happenings here in my life that I would like to share.  I will be hosting a small group at my house on Monday nights for Military wives.  I have felt for a long time that I would like to do something involving military women of faith because we have a different perspective than most.  When I was in Naples, I was so encouraged by the women of PWOC and I am still encouraged by them.  I remember their lives and their honesty about their walk in faith and it encourages me to this day.  I hope that I can provide an opportunity for similar growth.  I am doing this through my church, Reality Church, here in Virginia Beach.  Besides the rock band, and the laid back dress code, there is a community feeling that permeates every ones personality that I see there.  I would like everyone who reads this to pray for me to know what to do and what to say to be able to show people that God is where I find my center.  If you want to know more, come to Reality Church on Sunday and see what it's like and stop by and talk to me about Bad Girls of the Bible and the specifics of when and where (my house). 

My SHARE program box came, and it was full to the brim.  We already had some of the food out of it, and it was really good.  I was late picking mine up due to a mosquito bite on Jaden's face that made him wake up looking like he just spent 3 rounds in the ring with Tyson (circa 1980).  We treated it with Benadryl and it was fine after about 3 days.  Included in my box was Ham, bacon, chicken drumsticks, potato cakes (like flat tots), cinnamon bites, seafood snacks (that look like crab in a pastry), a huge bag of cut corn, chicken and wide rice soup (that looks big enough to fill a medium sized stock pot), a big bag of green beans, blackberries, and the family size Salisbury steak (which Jaden even ate).  It's a lot of food.  We paid just $35 and that is the largest and most expensive package.  I think I will keep doing it as much as I can remember to.  Between SHARE, my CSA and the Bread Program, I only need to go to the store for exotic fruits like bananas, diary items, and chocolate!

The basics of my life are pretty boring.  Ava is getting more consistent with potty training, as long as she is pants-less, which is easy with a girl.  Jaden still could care less about anything except Cars.  I bought him a Lightening McQueen pajama set and it was love at first sight.  Adam is going to be on leave pretty soon.  I am painting again, during naptime, after chores... so very little, but it's great.  I will post photos of what I have once I have something finished.

Remember my Dad today.  I was a year ago that I lost him and I know he is with me always, but I am still selfish and want him to be my Dad and "the Grandpa" again for me and the babies.  He wasn't a perfect person, but neither am I, and there is a piece of my life that is missing since he is gone.  I will love him always.

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