Friday, July 3, 2009

Sleeping in BIG BEDS

Early this morning, around 4am I woke up for no apparent reason, other than the light being on, my book suffocating me while I was trying to sleep and it was 77degrees in my house.  When this happens I always check on the little monkeys, especially since we have transisitoned to BIG TWIN BEDS.  They have been pretty good about trying to stay on them for the most part until tonight.  What a couple of cuties.  I guess Ava doesn't need her Lovey-blanket when she has her Jaden.


Amber said...

so cute!!! I hope they didn't lay in your womb like that! ;-)

Starlite said...

Unfortuantely, Adam said the same thing and I think that they might have because they used to sleep like that in the little crib when they first came home.