Friday, May 1, 2009

Well, it's here Virginia...

Swine Flu has arrived.  What should I do to keep my babies from touching everything and then touching their faces?  I Purell them so much already that Jaden makes a face when he puts his hand in his mouth to eat.  Should we stop going to playdates?  The kids there have runny noses and are always sneezing.  You only need to see our cars to know most of it is from pollen.  My black SUV looks gray because of all the dust on it.  I have terrible allergies and that's not ending anytime soon.  Get plenty of rest and stay home if you are feeling sick?  Are these people talking to the military members, or just the retail associate at the Mall?  I wonder how many people on my husband's ship are going to be staying home with, "swiney symptoms"?  I don't want to stop being active, but I want to be cautious.  Is there a balance?

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