Monday, April 27, 2009

A New Week

So we have a new week beginning today and the twins are already up early and ready to get started.  I am less ready, but half a cup of coffee in isn't bad and I think that I will be well on my way by the end of the cup.  There are several things that we are looking to do and some are way off in the distance and some right around the corner.  For example, we are "healing" our home.  I love Apartment Therapy and they have something called the 8 week Home Cure.  It started six weeks ago on the site, but I didn't get motivated until last week to do it for our house.  It's really a great way to make your home happier and work better for you.  Just like not every relationship, friendship or faith can be treated the same way, the way you relate to your home can't be treated the same.  It's a nice easy book on how to make your home healthy.  We also are planning a housewarming in conjunction with that; dates to be announced.  Our fresh fruit and veggies are about to come on home next week.  We will be negotiating for orders in May.  We won't be leaving for quite a while, but we might know where by next month.  Our little family is going to be busy, buying a pass to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens and letting the babies splash and play in the WOW Garden.  We also are looking for a retirement care facility to visit and let the babies enjoy the company of some Grandma's and Grandpa's once in a while.  I think that at 2 years old, they might be old enough to color with a friend or two for a short visit.  I just wanted to start the week with a smile, so that is why you are looking at Adam in all his junior high glory.  It makes me smile just thinking about it.

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