Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Leftovers? Again?

It's hard making leftovers exciting, because my entire meal needs to be made in about 20 minutes and incorporate everything I have on hand and was on sale for the week.  Shopping on a budget makes you more inventive and resourceful so I found a great site to make more of what we have.  Love Food Hate Waste lets you look up ingredients to use up and makes it simple to be green.  Reduce, Reuse and Recycle doesn't just apply to our plastic bags and thrift store finds.  Most estimates say that we send 25% of our groceries straight into the garbage.  That's around $100/month for me, and I don't want to go throwing away what would be a Coach purse or into the trash.  Think of it in terms of something you would normally save for as a treat, like a family vacation and it starts to hurt your feelings when you realize that is just going from your wallet into the bin.  I looked into the fridge today to plan our the few meals that we will be having here before our Vacation Celebration in North Carolina this weekend and saw at least a few items that could be super-tasty given the right inspiration.  I figure that I will be spending around $20 on groceries, including milk before we leave.  That's saving me a ton of headache and wallet-ache.  BTW, this is what courgettes are....YUMMY!

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Amber said...

It is becoming harder and harder to throw food away. It makes me cringe. The kids and I have been eating leftovers for lunch and we have leftover night once a week. I haul everything out of the frig and pretend we are at a buffet. It's the one night a week where the kids actually have a choice. ;-) I like the website, I will have to check into it a bit more.