Monday, March 30, 2009

Pink vs. Blue

I have a friend who looks at the chores in the house in two categories.  There are, "Pink" jobs and "Blue" jobs.  The Pink jobs tend to the female in a traditional sense and the Blue jobs are typically male jobs.  Taking out the garbage for instance is BLUE and laundry is PINK.  What if you are a woman, like me, who likes the Blue column jobs.  Am I now Purple because I like to work on the car and cut the grass in the backyard?  I like making things with my hands, whether it's a new table or a scrapbook page.  I like cooking a nice meal for my family and friends but it's also nice to have some nights off while the DH gets his hands and my kitchen dirty.  It's not that I don't like the idea of assigning tasks to split some of the responsibility, but I just like looking at the work that needs to be done in the house without a color wheel.  I like that my husband loads the dishwasher and changes diapers while I can go outside and enjoy the sun and dig up weeds, or get the grill going with a big brisket or rack of ribs.  I like to hear a car engine hum and know that I had a part in it's running well.   I suppose I am a little different than most women I know.  I like to do the majority of the driving on road trips.  I like that Adam can relax and man the iPod selection when we hit a boring stretch of the road.  I guess what I wanted to see with this is if anyone else likes to do the "other" color jobs, like me?

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Amber said...

You're not purple... maybe a pretty shade of mauve?? ;-)