Monday, March 23, 2009

My upcoming week

My cousin will be heading back down here to work for several months so I am over the moon to have even a little piece of home be around the corner.  Sometimes, you just need someone who knows all about your family to truly be able to laugh at the irony.  The babies and I are going to work on letters and numbers and color-sorting.  Not the most exciting stuff for me, but they go bananas for it.  I am looking for a night-time babysitter for May 20th, because Adam and I have a date we can't break that day, so I will be interviewing like crazy today on the phone and in person if they are available.  I have to order photos for a bit of scrapbooking that I am going to be doing on Friday evening.  I love that Beach Scrapbooks has late-night scrapping sessions for those of us who can't get out of the house until after our back-up arrives.  We are still working to get the Civic running well, and might just sell it after it's "all better?" as Ava would say.  I guess we will just have to see what the week brings us, but at least there are a few things that we have to look forward to.

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