Friday, March 20, 2009

Family Fun

We have been busy enjoying the nice weather that has been happening the past few weeks, on and off. Sometimes we get rain, some days are cold without warning, but it's finally nice enough to get out and about without getting windburned in the process. These photos are from a short trip to the park. What you can't see is the two pounds of sand that are in Jaden's hair from the sand volleyball court, or the airplanes (military jets) that he was focused on the entire day. The twins are growing up so fast, it seems like a second ago that we were planning that first plane ride to celebrate turning one. This year will be just as great. It's birthday time in just a couple of weeks and we are taking a little road trip to see Grandma and PaPaw in North Carolina. The current obsession is Nemo, so it's going to be a pool party at an indoor pool in Raleigh. I am very excited to let them swim and play with family all around. That's the good stuff in life. I am also looking forward to the food coma that is sure to come after their first dose of PaPaws biscuits and gravy. What a treat!!

I wanted to share some Mom-tips as well, while I am here with a spare minute before the dryer buzzes and it's back to work for me. A great little time-saver for the 1-2yr old crowd are these Tummy Tickler bottles. They are 100% juice and you can use them over and over. Ava loves her Clifford ones and even sings to him. Jaden, of course, has Tigger and goes bananas making him jump. They don't leak and are a great fix if you lose a sippy or just leave the house without one on accident. Everyone who talks to me knows that I like to keep a back-up pack in my car just in case. I guess it would help to give to contents so that you can add them to your car if you don't want to have to go shopping next time you leave the house without wipes. I like to add my car organizer, anti-bacterial wipes travel pack, pack of regular baby wipes, additional diapers (in ziploc bag), several bags from wal-mart or target to put dirty/wet clothes in, toys and books to rotate out when boredom strikes or they get dropped in the ladies room or a mud puddle, snack size packs of crackers or pretzels (use your imagination) for bribes, and a meal replacement bar for myself. You never know when you may need to take someone into the emergency room during dinnertime and be starving because you are there for 6 hours. I also like to keep a changing pad for quick changes in the back of the car when nice weather permits. I also try to keep a change of clothes for each of them, including a jacket, but that doesn't always happen. At the beginning of the month, I try to clean out the car and re-stock at the same time. The emergency pack has saved me more than once. I know it's a little "Monica", but it's better than being stranded in the middle of nowhere with nothing to eat and dirty, cranky twins. Well, as always, I love to find out about new things to do with the kids, so if you know of any fun learning activities, send them my way. We are working on numbers and letters, and I will share what we are doing soon.

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Amber said...

Love the pics and the tips! The new layout is super-cute, too! :-)