Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A spare minute?

Not hardly one of those today. We were on the go in one form or anther all day today. First we had daycare drop-off (babies) and grocery shopping and errands. Once I was home, there was a full nap boycott. I did get the cold items put away before anyone had to come back downstairs. Shrek the Third was a big hit as the newest addition to the babies DVD library. I spilled brown rice in the fridge and used the vacuum cleaner to clean it up. I never thought I would be doing that particular chore. There were tantrums galore while I was finding that our laundry room was flooded and had to pull the shelves out of it for the maintenance man to get in there. I just now got finished with the restocking and cleaning of the laundry room. I guess it finally got mopped thouroughly. That's my upside. I guess you always have one, especially when you are on the floor looking up.

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