Friday, January 9, 2009

Christmas 2008

Here is a little mini-movie of our Christmas. We had a very nice day with lots of food, fun, friends and our little family. We read about Christ coming into the world for us from a book that Chris and Cristina gave us before the babies were even born. The babies played all morning in their new little learning center with chalk that they tried to eat (and continue to try to eat) and with the baby-twins. Ava was so cute at one point, with one in the stroller and one in the pack n' play. Just like her mom. Jaden loved that little train and kept asking me to put the trailer on the tow hitch. Just a nice relaxed day. We spent the afternoon and evening with the Sines at their new home. The dinner was amazing and the kids loved the faux reindeer next to the tree. Dinner was so good, Jaden even ate a green bean between bites of ham and turkey. A lovely Christmas and a nice relaxing New Year.


Anonymous said...

You were trusting a guy to put together a table that couldn't even figure out how to get water out of the dispenser on a fridge? Hahahahaha.


Carrie ; ) said...

they tots r gettings big! but i also lmao! ttyl