Monday, December 1, 2008

What is my world coming to?

We are all under the weather and the weather isn't all that great to
begin with so our starting point is low. I am going stir crazy being
cooped up like this. I ran out of coffee today and had to sacrifice
and drink half-caff. What is my world coming to? Jaden won't keep
his diaper on to save his life and the best advice I could find on the
internet was between putting him in a sleeper to nap with it zipped up
backwards or duct tape his diaper on. This is not a joke, duct tape
around and cut it off to save your house from having poop murals.
What is my world coming to? I can't find a babysitter who will charge
me less than $12/hr so that I can go to the dentist. I can't find the
twins birth certificates so I can't even enroll them in the drop-in
care for the base. I can't do that anyway, because the sponsor needs
to be there to sign the paperwork anyway and my husband is never home.
So that is my little bit of crazy. The kids are going down for nap,
so I hope that the day gets significantly more boring from here on

Life with twins, twice the laundry, half the sleep.


Amber said...

Maybe you should just potty train Jaden. At least buy him "big boy underwear" to wear every now and then. He might like it! And you can call me if you need to go to the dentist. I will only charge you $11.50. Kidding! But do call me if you need me to watch them. I know how you feel. My husband is never home, too. ;-)

Starlite said...

$11.50 is a random price, but I would be happy to pay it. I bought a potty chair yesterday to get them used to the idea. I think introducing the idea of "Only Naked to Potty" is going to be something else!