Friday, December 19, 2008

Finally a Win!

  • Hurray!  We finally got called for a win at the Christmas Party.  Adam and I have attended several of these and never won anything.  I told everyone what I really wanted to get called, even if it was for a Starbucks gift card.  I didn't care what we won, just that we didn't have to sit through another boring Christmas Party and not win one of the awesome door prizes.  

Last night was finally our night, and Adam was called up.  He had the best surprised look on his face that I have ever seen.    We won this brand new Blu-ray player.  We don't have any Blu-ray's because we don't have a player, because we don't have an HDTV.  We don't have an HDTV because before we left for Italy, we bought a new tv and a surround sound system and just loved it.  When we were in Italy we didn't really have television service and when we came back I was already pregnant with the double blessings.  Priority was on getting cribs and diapers stockpiled, not on a new television.  We got rid of the surround sound a while ago once we realized that it was sitting behind the television stand because the kids were trying to chew on the cords that connect the speakers.  There isn't really much point to getting a new fancy television when there are curious little fingers all over the one that we have now.  The Navy won't even insure the Plasma tv's to ship, because they are so prone to breaking.  So now, we have a nice Blu-ray player and no fancy tv to watch it on.  I am still very happy to have won it.  I was hoping we might be able to return it and get a nice little video camera to record more of the twins "firsts".  

Speaking of, "firsts",  Ava had one just a minute ago.  She climbed out of her crib unassisted.  I came into the room and saw her and she looked like she had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar.  I told her, "Get back in your bed and take your nap!", but she couldn't figure out how to get back in by herself.  She even told me, "Naughty?".

Some highlights of the Christmas Party include:
  • during the Invocation prayer included Christ being called "Sir", and nearly omitted the word Christmas
  • Adam gave me some of his Prime Rib because I got the last slice all full of gristle and fat...that's love because Adam takes his food seriously
  • The dancing was alternately adorable and horrifying
  • the dresses and lack there of, were memorable..some memories I would like to forget
  • the parking was free as was the diet coke
  • Adam danced with me and made me laugh despite myself
  • Amber and I did a little salsa
  • meeting all of Adams co-workers and being able to put a face to a name
  • and of course OUR NEW BLU-RAY!

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Amber said...

Our Salsa dancing was the best part!!!