Saturday, November 15, 2008

Daily Diary

I haven't really been too good about posting lately and most of you
that read this, I assume can guess why. I have two growing reasons
why I am less and less at the computer and more and more at the
washing machine. You see, I tell everyone that life with twins is
half the sleep and twice the laundry. I just wanted to take a few
minutes while I can and give some updates. I started meeting with
some friends to try and figure out how to be a better household
manager. You see, the role of a SAHM can sometimes be filled with
jobs that you haven't necessarily been trained for at all. It's a bit
like trying to be Martha Stewart without the minions. My jobs as
Nutritionist, Chef, Social Coordinator, and CFO have been eased by a
couple of women and their tricks and hints. We met at IHOP and all
the secrets of running a home better were laid on the table. I have
been working so hard, but not as smart as I could be. So I found out
how to get free food by using double coupons and knowing the sales. I
finally found a better way to clean my house and keep organized, but
most of all, I was encouraged and relieved to just hear that it takes
time and God's grace.

Ava has had a little bug and she is fighting it tooth and nail. She
was even dancing today. Some of her recent accomplishments include
acquisition of the word, "No" and it's liberal application. She is
not hesitant to use it and nearly abuse it. She is constantly having
new words come up in conversation with me that I understand but to the
public sound like French and Arabic combined. Her facial expressions
are expansive and she can convey pretty much anything she is wanting
you to know with just a glance. She loves going to the ASYMCA
playgroup. She dives right in and starts talking to whomever is in
there. She especially loves coloring and stealing snacks that are
unmonitored. She loves on her baby doll all day long and will,
"Shhh", her to go to sleep and feed her the baby bottles very gently. I did, however need to make a last minute purchase of a baby bottle since she stuffed one in the ball popper in an attempt to see it shoot through and only succeeded in blowing out the fan on the popper.

Jaden is more chatting but in a less obvious way. He likes to sit in
the little rocker and read to himself. If interrupted, he will make
you read the book to him. He loves closing doors and drawers, and
turning the t.v. on and off. When he is caught in the act of turning
the t.v. off, he will turn it back on if you ask him to. He thinks
that your nose is called a Beep thanks to my touching his nose and
beeping it. He loves to give hugs and will give a little dance after
he delivers a kiss to me. He like to have his toes counted in the
fashion of, This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed much that he will not wear socks in the house. He hates
green beans and will sort them out of any food that they might be
sneaking in.

They both love going to the park that we have here, just a block away.
There are three in-between our house and the one that we frequent,
but none of the others have swings. Ava calls the slide, "Weee?". I
take them in the wagon and they get a snack on the way home. The love
pretzels and call them cookies. They both love the music time that we
have after breakfast but I have learned to be selective on which songs
I allow them to listen to because Jaden took it seriously today when
House of Pain instructed him to, "Jump Around", while he was in an
armchair. They are sometimes crazy, but always fun.

It is a nice life.

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