Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm a liar

I tricked Adam into believing that we were going to a play in order to get him to be surprised and excited about going out to dinner for his birthday. I let him believe that we were going to see, "The Vajayjay Monologues" at the new performing arts center down the street from us. I made a huge deal about my friend bailing on me and even set it up a week ago so that he would know how much I was looking forward to going. He fell for the, "poor me", routine and said that he would go with me, even though it looked like he was getting ready to go to get a root canal.

I let him believe it right up until we were walking out of the parking garage before I pulled a card with a bunch of little tickets on it and had the explanation written on the inside of the card. Then we went to Cheesecake Factory and had a lovely dinner. I even got them to sing to him and it was a good thing that the lights were down low so that I was the only one that could see that he was blushing and embarrassed. I hope that he had a nice fake birthday. You see it's not until next week that he turns 31, but he will be floating then, so we had to wish him older earlier this year.

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