Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Positve Post Tuesday

Brody did this lovely post about being discouraged with the day he was experiencing and using the small things in his day to make the positive impact. The smile of a child or a silly moment can be what you focus on to let your day shine instead of appear dull and listless.

I have difficulties, with family and friends, less than ideal situations are presented every day. When you are shown upsetting circumstance, there is a moment that you can either take the emotion of the moment and run with it, or be still for a moment. In that still moment, after prayer, you can actually hear your own voice without the clouding effects of such strong emotion.

I would like to focus my Positive Post Tuesday on those people in my life, that help me hold still in that moment. A friend's advice, support or encouragement is invaluable. Invaluable is a word that has been made cheap with overuse in infomercials and on sitcoms, but it's true meaning alludes to something that cannot be replaced. There is no price that can be put on such a thing because the value is so high. My help know who they are. They have put aside their dinners, missed their favorite shows or even time with their families...to be a friend to me. It's something that I hope to pass on to many people and aspire to everyday. In small ways, like joking with other frustrated line standers or helping a neighbor bring groceries in their house. They are sometimes small acts but can be invaluable. Sometimes, a day can take a wrong turn and in the next moment right itself, just with a strangers smile.

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