Friday, July 18, 2008

At Home Vacation

So we are feeling the crunch like most of America and right in the middle of our vacation time frame. When gas costs as much as milk, there's a problem. Let's not let this get in the way of creating memories that will last beyond the concerns of the present. We are doing a stay-at-home vacation. We happen to live in Virginia Beach. It's a place that many come to, to get away from it all. So we are being tourists at home. We have already have plans in the works for fun vacation ideas and have been to a couple of fun places.

We will be going to see...

Thriving Ivory at the Norva
Counting Crows at the VBWC
and Dave Matthews Band at the VBWC

We are also going to the beach and taking the babies for the first time in the water. We have already been to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, and played in the interactive children's fountain and we are planning to go to see Rembrant's Etchings at the Chrysler Museum. There are countless activities that you can do, from grilling at a park to just seeing an act at the State Fair.

What can you do close to home?

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Jodi said...

We go fishing, swimming, ice skating, library, and my very favorite, when daddy has been gone for a couple weeks we rent movies and everyone piles on the bed in our room to watch it!! Maybe not the best sleep but I love it!