Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Around the Corner...

Is something wonderful. I bought milk that has an expiration date later than the date of my sweethearts return. That is how I know that God is good to me. I am the one about to be spoiled, the milk, not so much!

We were lucky to have Jessica and Jason here for a day. There were so many funny and fun times packed into less than 24 hours that it's hard to recount them all so I will just hit some high points.

  • kicked out of my house and shopped for indulgent cosmetics and new sunglasses
  • lovely crab legs
  • baby ninja training
  • ava's mood swings erupted while alone with Jessi, from screaming in her face to giving kisses in less than 1 minute.
  • Jaden's little eye boo boo
  • lots and lots of love
  • ant infestation
  • asthma
  • 101 funny faces
  • new baby-chase game invented

1 comment:

cool dad said...

Great line about the milk expiration date. Excited for you!!