Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tips and Tricks

I know lots of new mom's and women who would like to be mom's if they weren't so scared, so I thought that I could use this blogging vehicle to post some more tips and tricks.

  • Dust baby powder on the floor before you feed a hungry little monkey once they are old enough to be throwing and mashing everything in sight. My monkeys drop almost as much as makes it in their mouths. The baby powder will stick to the offending matter trying to attach to your tile or linolium. The cornstarch is really what sticks, but it makes everything easier to sweep up and smells nice too. It does make dust, so if you have an asmatic please make sure that this isn't something that will cause more harm than good. I have asthma, but it doesn't bother me in the least.
  • Sprinkle carpet freshener/deoderizer in the bottom of the diaper pail and trash can. This has baking powder in it which absorbes the odor and a nice smell. Bonus that the nasty sticky stuff in the bottom of the trash can just turns into a cake. Please do not eat this type of cake.
  • Keep extra bags from your favorite super center in the diaper bag and the door of the car. They come in handy for holding nasty clothes, bits of graham cracker bribes while in the grocery store and offending diapers prior to disposal.
  • Buy lunchbox cooler ice packs and a portable cooler to use as a diaper bag. I generally dislike the diaper supplies touching the food items so I separate them by using large ziploc bags for each.
So these are a few of what I use everyday. I will post more since I seem to get more questions all the time. Let me know if there is any situation in particular that you are dealing with and I will be more than happy to share a tip or trick if I have one!

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