Sunday, June 15, 2008


  • Happy Father's Day to my Dad, Frank. He used to tell me that I was his favorite daughter. I am his only daughter. In that same tact, he is my favorite Dad. He was sometimes a maniac and sometimes the voice of reason in my own head. I love him for what he is. I see a lot of posts out here in cyberspace about what great men their Dad's were. My Dad was like a rollercoaster. Sometimes he was wonderful and sometimes just scary. I just want my friends and family to know that whether you have the type of Dad who could win Father of the Year or not, he was made just for you. He made up so much of what makes you the person you are, you should thank him for that. Thank him on a day that isn't Father's Day so it doesn't feel like a put up job.
  • Never go to Walmart on the day before Father's Day. It's a scary sea of people all buying steaks and charcoal. I was the only person with a cart chock full of pampers and veggies.
  • Happy Father's Day to Adam. He is a wonderful Daddy and the kids just love him so much. It's his second. I imagine this will be one of the harder ones. The babies won't remember but he will. Pray for him.
  • I heart eating ribs. Thanks to my know who you are!
  • I wish I could go to the pool. The ratio of people who can swim to infants needs to be much higher for that to happen.
  • Forest Fires stink!

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