Sunday, June 1, 2008

Questions without Answers

  • When does it get any easier? Everyone tells me that it's going to get easier as the babies get older, but it hasn't seemed to change any so far. The only people who don't tell me that, are Mom's of multiples like Erin. They just let me feel overwhelmed and cry if I need to. Maybe it gets easier for people with only one baby or it gets easier when you have family or when your husband is there to help shoulder the workload.
  • Why is is bad for Christians to watch R rated programs? I want to go see Sex in the City because I find it HILARIOUS! It doesn't mean that I want to go out and reenact any of the scenes that are in it, but neither do I want to reenact any of the scenes in The BourneUltimatum. Well, there is a car chase that might be fun...but I digress.
  • How do you know that God is preparing you for a particular type of service to Him? It's not like my phone has rung and He is on the other end telling me what type of courses to take. I sometimes feel like I am being directed toward something, but then I have to get back to washing dishes or laundry.
  • How do I let go of being upset at people who cancel for an event at the last minute? They don't understand that I have been planning for months to get out of the house, and have saved my pennies for a sitter. This is just a bump in their plans while it derails my hope.
  • How do I manage to still laugh on days when I have to shower again mid-day because I am covered in poop and puke? It's amazing how laughter can seem like a miracle.
  • Why doesn't Victoria's Secret sell underwear that is pretty and comes up to your ribcage? Just because I have the butt-in-front after babies doesn't mean that I don't want a little lace on the most gigantic panties on the planet.
  • Why do people feel badly for kids from broken homes? I think that sometimes you should ask the kids. We were all happy that my parents divorced. Even an 8 year old can tell when oil and water don't mix.
  • How can people say that they support our troops and still drive a Hummer? If you are driving a Humvee, and taking automatic weapons fire, that's different. If there is a yellow ribbon sticker on your gas-hog, shouldn't you think about what the motivation is behind our loved ones in harms way?
  • Along the same tack, how can people cut me off in traffic and flip me the bird and have that Jesus fish on the back bumper? Should I, in turn, try a little "do unto others" to them?
  • And finally (for today), if gas prices keep going up will I actually be able to meet my neighbors since they won't have any money to go anywhere? Is this "crisis" an opportunity in disguise?

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