Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday

So, I wasn't even going to post this Tuesday because it's almost Wednesday anyway here. I suppose I can make it short, and just say that I really appreciate having my sister Jessi. I have 6 brothers, and always asked my parents for a sister, but I know now, that God was waiting on giving me a sister-in-law instead. She is just great because, unlike a real sister, I never fought with her growing up, we didn't have to share clothes or makeup and she never made fun of my boyfriends. Despite never sharing the same household, I don't believe I could love another sister any more than I love her. She never lies to me, even when it might make me feel better. Instead of saying, "I know how you feel, or It will get better." she instead says, "Wow, that really sucks. I don't have anything inspirational or anything but I'll pray for you". It's wonderful to know that someone will really pray for you, even if they think that you are a maniac. It's almost like being reunited with a sister that you never knew you had. This is one that God prepared for me in North Carolina, while I was just wishing for one all that time in Michigan. I probably wouldn't have liked sharing my shoes anyway.

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