Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday

I almost forgot to write something for Positive Post Tuesday. I have to put something down on Tuesday's since my other posting day that has a direction is Wordless Wednesday and anyone who knows me, knows that Wordless is a non-starter with me. I just wanted to put out there that any small thing that you do can yield huge gains to another person. I prayed for a neighbor who I found was struggling against drug and alcohol addiction. He has been clean for a month and a half. Praise God! Every time I see his car, I take a second and say a prayer for him. It's nothing fancy, but then God knows me and knows that I am nothing fancy either.

I have been praying for a friend to find work and it came to her in heaps today. The job that she had been laid off from recalled her and asked her husband to come in to work as well. He was fired yesterday for calling in late because he was ill. I ordered business cards for her when I was ordering my own and have been passing them out. She now has interviews to work with two new clients. Altogether, it was about 30 mins of work for me but seems to be making the difference for her. Even now, she called for advice about attire and was encouraged by just having someone talk to her. What an amazing use of time usually spent listening to my iPod while I wash dishes.

A couple guys that live next door helped move some furniture that I couldn't manage for me. I moved it into the back yard, but that was as far as I could get it. It ended up making it look like a landfill back there. It only took them about 15 minutes but it was a huge help to me. It would have taken me days of breaking everything down and then weeks of physical therapy to repair the damage of lifting things I am not supposed to. A small gift of time made my whole life seem brighter.

My point to all of this is not to show how NICE I am, but to encourage you to just do something for someone else. A sincere prayer doesn't cost anything and can change a persons life. If you don't see returns on your investment in prayer, be assured that God is working in his own time and is orchestrating everything according to His will. You don't have to like it, but thems the facts..as my Dad would say.

So, really my positive post is directed at anyone who reads this. Don't underestimate anything that you give to another person. Whether you give your time, consideration, effort or even just a smile, know that it might mean the difference between darkness and light in someone's day.


Jodi said...

For my PPT I am thanking Star for her advice for Saturday. I did my best and only said nice things or stood quiet next to Eug. You were the hand over my mouth saying good thoughts only Jodi, good thoughts only!

Pete Wilson said...

Great reminder. We should look for the little opportunities to reach out to the people around us.

Love the blog!

Kasie said...

God bless you, Star! You are wise beyond your years!

Starlite said...

Jodi~ I love you so much. You are someone I have known most of my life, and I don't have to explain how it's true that if love were easy, we wouldn't be commanded to practice it. Great job loving Eug and ignoring ugliness when you couldn't say something nice.