Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Poached Egg and other things

Today I poached my first egg. I made a salad tonight for dinner and poached an egg to put on top and give some protein to the meal. Inspired by Top Chef, I didn't settle for Top Ramen. We did the usual stuff today. I realized that I am making little kids jealous and parents annoyed by taking the Radio Flyer to the grocery store. The kiddies always want, "THAT CART" and the parents then have to explain that we brought it from home. I am earning cool points with the kids before they can even understand what cool points are. I have been able to help a friend find some part time work cleaning houses. It's not much, but I feel like making a difference in someones life, no matter how small, is meaningful. I also received an unexpected gift from my landlord. I referred a friend to him who was selling her house. It finally sold after about two months and my landlord dropped off some great smelling hand soap and lotion from Restoration Hardware. It's so nice that I am pretty sure his wife picked it out. The rest of the day was taken up with the usual laundry, dishes, feeding and cleaning. Ava and Jaden did have a great time in the tub and it must have worn them out because they are fast asleep. Let's all hope that they stay that way!

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