Friday, June 6, 2008

Fabulous Friday

While not quite as fabulous from the outside as they used to be, I still love Fridays. It used to mean the end of the workweek, going out and having fun with friends and the excitement of the weekend.

Now, I wake up at the same time every day, since my alarm clock is a baby monitor. The workweek never ends, I just put on my camera on the weekends and am PHOTOGRAPHER STAR for a few hours instead of MOMMY STAR. My big weekend event is making the trip to church on Sunday without incident and my excitement involves the heart palpitations that I get when Ava jumps on the couch when I am not looking. I tell her that I am always looking but she seems to know more than you would expect.

I love Friday's because my family finally has time to talk. I get to put on the headset and chat with sisters and Aunt's, cousins and brothers. There isn't anything good on TV so I catch up on everything Tivo'd. I make myself stop working at 8p.m. and just try to enjoy my life. We also do a couple of extra fun things on Fridays. Messy foods are a must! Popsicles, spaghetti, pudding, you get the idea...because Friday is always a bath night. So the sticky, messy crust gets tickled out in the tub. Friday's are still great because you have a chance to give yourself a break. I still feel that liberation of being headed for the weekend. We also try to get out and do something fun on Friday's. Sometimes it's just a trip to Taco Bell, but it's something.

I hope you can find something fabulous about your Friday.

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