Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Positive Post Tuesday

The idea of PPT is to encourage or support someone. I can't think of
anyone who might need it more than Adam. I have been writing this for
30 minutes and only have these three lines. I am so proud of him for
his sacrifice. It's a beautiful and heart wrenching thing to see the
pain involved in the growth closer to God and the uniting of our
family. I am so thankful for Adam and that he chose me to ask to
marry him all those years ago. We have had a long road to get where
we are, and no matter what we try to do, God keeps putting us
together. I am thankful beyond words that my best friend asked me to
marry him.

One of the first times that I can remember seeing Adam is during a
muster while we were in "A" school. I was just wondering if he was
going to get in ranks or continue chatting away when he smiled and
showed those dimples and I didn't really care about his bad jokes as
much. We spent a considerable amount of time just hanging out on the
stoop between our rooms and talking those first few months. It's
amazing to be able to look back on the boy that I met all those years
ago and the wonderful man he has become. It's hard to put into words
how much a change I see in him. I just want him to know that I see
the wonderful sweetness of the boy that I first met but also the
assurance of the man that he is now. I love both and am excited to
see what the future holds for us.

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