Saturday, May 3, 2008

My 1's

There they are. One year old. So big and still so little to me. We
went to the store today in the stroller for lunch. We try to do that
at least once a week. We got some salad bar goodies and they tried
their first watermelon. A very nice lady from the bakery, Ruth, also
gave them a sugar cookie with sprinkles to share. She would have been
happy to give them each one, but I thought that should be one of the
perks of twins. Splitting the sugar content of snacks. Besides, they
were already eating graham crackers when we pulled up to the bakery.
I gave them the watermelon in the stroller because I then just popped
them out of it and scrubbed the fabric really quick and tossed the
water in the yard. They liked splashing in the bucket with the baby
wash-water in it anyway. They liked it so much, my next project is
the yard and then I am going to enlist some help to set up the kiddie
pool that I bought for them. I bet they will absolutely love it! My
only question being, how do I wrangle two wet seals into the house at
one time. I think I will have to set up a staging area. Maybe I can
find one of those yards that collapse? Like a dog run but for babies.
Craigslist here I come!

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Amber said...

That's a cool purse Ava is playing with! She's got style!!