Wednesday, May 21, 2008


These are things I have actually said this past week.

  • Stop throwing your pasta on the floor! There are starving kids in this world and you are about to be one of them.
  • Don't cry like a punk just because your brother slapped you in the face.
  • How did you manage to poop out half of a grape?
  • No they're not twins, I just took a girl when I was leaving because I really wanted one<--said to a lady in Sam's, and I think that she may have had a coronary event before I corrected myself.
  • When you dance, it looks like your legs are seizing. (to Jaden)
I may not be winning Mom of the Year anytime soon.


Amber said...

Surely there is an award for us somewhere. I like to tell my kids that one of them needs to move out and then make them pick who is going!

Starlite said...

That process would be perfect for my house!