Thursday, May 29, 2008

10:48 pm....

I havent been on the internet in the last few days. Life has been too
busy here on the ocean. There always seems to be some pressing matter to
attend to, some crisis to take care of, or some necessary thing to read
or training to do.

I logged on today and read the last few posts from my wife. The pictures
are priceless, a little princess and prince even when totally covered in
spaghetti sauce. They look like me when I eat spaghetti so I suppose
they get it honest. But the lights in there eyes, the way their eyes
seem to sparkle, is completely from starlite. Its magic, happiness, and
hope in a twinkle.

But then I read starlite's post about me.

Every day I wake totally wrecked in love with you. You leave me without
words or breath. Im a puppy for your love, as dave would say.


Starlite said...

You're embarrassing me here!

Amber said...

there are tears in my coffee... {sniff} I love that he loves you like a puppy!!