Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update from way out there...

Starlite challenged me to post every three days...

Well she's winning. It's not that I don't want to post, our internet connection depends on a very small amount of bandwidth that no one has had to use since around the early 90's. And honestly, she is the interesting one of this marriage. I am very very boring.

My babies are one. I hope that when they are older and I explain to them my career that they will understand about me missing their first birthday. I live on their smiles and cries, their successes and failures and I hope they know in some kind of baby sixth sense that there the most beautiful little people I could have ever been blessed with.

Starlite is the literally the bravest woman. To trek across the country with our two kids, who somehow have inherited both mine and Star's crazier sides, to MI takes the patience of fairytales. Literally.

I don't tell her enough but Starlite is everything good about my life and I would be so lost without her.

Life here is the same. Water, water all around. The days are dwindling however.

Sorry if this post is all over the place but its 2:25 am and I can't sleep so I am a little nutty. The next one will be better.


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always in the kitchen said...

Hi Son,Miss you,It's very green and the pollen is terrible this year.Some water all around would be a nice break!
Star is amazing and so are the babies!What a wonderful family! Mom