Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Scheduling and Crazies

I have a new schedule that I am working on. I do so much better when I have an idea of what the day is going to bring. I think that the basic idea is to fit what I can into the time before 8p.m. and then STOP! I am going to do things that I like to do after 9 from now on. This time of night is when I am available to do work, which I am doing right now (compiling and writing a DVD), and piddling around on the computer. I am happy to have a plan ***Thank you Amber***. I am also learning about accepting offers of help from others. I just want to find my center again. Tomorrow I have a coffee date with some other Mom's in the area. Please be hopeful that they aren't insane. I just want to end with another PSA ~Public Star Announcement~ That if you don't like to read what I write, do something else and don't read my blog. This is my place to talk to family and friends and if you aren't either of those, you should read something else. Please refrain from emailing me your concerns about my musings here in cyberspace unless you would like them to be relayed and commented on by my viewer-ship. I am sure that there would be some interesting observations.


Jodi said...

I am concerned about your thoughts on insane moms. I hope some of them are, then I will not feel like the only one!! LOL :) Enjoy your coffee!

Amber said...

You can do it! Planning is good for the soul!!! And I hope some of the mom's are a little bit insane. Personally, I like PSAs!!!