Sunday, April 6, 2008

Photo Parties

So I am working on a new marketing tool for my business. I am going to do photo parties, where I go to some one's house, they host and I take photos, post them and the attendees order ala carte off the gallery. Minimal time, editing and a nice way to let people pay for only what they want to buy without any pressure. I don't have to stand over them waiting to see what they are doing. I hate that part of business anyway. I have done events like this before with successful outcomes. I make a lot of new friends and gain clients for private sessions. I already have 3 coming up after our little Michigan vacation. I was also thinking that this might be nice to offer for ships returning (first kisses on the pier), family reunions, birthday's...I am sure that there are tons of events. It's also easier to manage than doing the huge sessions with lots and lots of set-up. This way, I get to work in my style and if people aren't loving every photo, they buy whatever they like and leave the rest. In my option, my photos are like potato can't have just one!

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Jodi said...

Star have I told you lately how much I love your pictures?! You have been an artist ever since we were in school. It is wonderful how you have shared it. I was bummed that you had to pull your shirt design. I was looking forward to showing our military friends up here. Just in case you were wondering, you are very usefull! Sometimes things don't work out....yadda yadda yadda... who cares YOU ROCK!! :)