Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Our Michigan Adventure

For those of you who aren't from Michigan, Michigan Adventure is a water/roller coaster park. Our trip to Michigan was just as exciting and didn't require admission bracelets.

The First Ride:

On our first leg of the flight the babies spilled an entire can (pringles type) of baby cereal poofs and Ava had an allergic reaction after licking the seat. When I was giving her the Benadryl and turned to the flight attendant who was holding her and spit-laughed the last mouthful in her face. It's okay, she wasn't a very nice lady and most of it ended up on her ascot. Ascots are doofy and I think that was Ava's way of encouraging her to remove the fashion faux pas.

  • The First Birthday Cake was awesome (photos to follow in a few days), and both had interesting approaches to it. Jaden took his time at first and sampled little swipes of frosting and then cake while Ava dove in with both hands and massaged hers more than ate it at first.
  • I accidentally ran over my purse (Italian leather) and left it on the street for about 20 mins. It happened because it fell between the door and the seat when I was driving, I pulled up to and ATM and had to open the door because I am short with tiny little tyrannosaurus arms and then drove away. I returned after trying to get gas and having no cabbage. They guy who found it was still in the parking lot talking to his Dad and trying to figure out if he should call the Staties or just take it to the local cop shop in Mt. Pleasant. It was returned to me with the entire contents intact including around $200 in cash of which I handed over $20 promptly for not acting like a Goober from Flint and jetting with my credit cards. I told him to use it for Starbucks or a couple of beers on me. He deserves some just deserts. The purse itself had an exploded bottle of Purell in it, but no nano or phone. The only damage was to my credit card case that was ruined and crumpled beyond repair. I use an old Altoids container so I really didn't lose anything. Amazing.
  • Jaden began a new little habit of burrowing under whatever covers there are in the pack-n-play or crib to go to sleep. It's funny because when you go in to check on him all you can see are little feet poking out.
  • I had a lot of great talks with my sister, Andrea. I got to hug Andy without him making a face.
  • Grandpa Frank scared the babies at first because he has a beard but after a while, they were okay and waved and mimicked the facial expressions and smiles away.
  • Ava screamed like a maniac when she first saw a cat at the house. It was inevitable because Andy and Andrea have like 5 or 6 cats. We knew she wasn't a fan of them but what would you think if a stuffed animal came to life and walked past you to get a snack. We don't have any pets so she was in her version of a horror movie for a while. She actually tried to plant her head in the carpet like an ostrich hiding in the sand but much noisier. She gradually moved from complete terror to a healthy suspicion and then waving and saying, "Hi, Cat", which comes out sounding like, "HiKa". Jaden didn't seem to afraid of them but neither liked the dog. One step at at a time.
  • Jaden attempted some unassisted steps but I don't count any as being successful because they all ended up in a face plant. He is huge, and now wearing 18 month clothes and should be moving to 24 mo sleepers in the next few weeks. Andrea completely spoiled them at Gymboree and so now they are going to be super-fashionable for church and playdates in the near future. Thank you Tia!
  • I got to shop and try on clothes. This seems small, but is HUGE since I never get the chance to do anything like that. I found that my pants were very-ill-fitting and actually about 4 sizes too big. No wonder I was always pulling them up like a plumber. Now I have a few new pairs of jeans and a cute little shirt/sweater combo for summer. I also splurged on MAC and Clinique. It was great to just spend some time doing indulgent things.
  • The babies probably have mugshots at several restaurants with DO NOT SERVE posted under them. Jaden decided to just start chucking his food when he is done and he's not the cleanest eater in the first place. It a hazard of working in a place that serves kids but overall they weren't too bad. At least they don't scream, and Ava eats very nicely.
  • Andy played chase with the babies and threw them in the air. That a guy thing to do, I guess and I try but they never seem to scream like they do when a guy does it. It was nice to see Andy playing with them and so happy. The babies looked at him like a jungle-gym-person. Like some kind of magical Transformer. Optimus Baby Tumbler.
  • Jodi and her family made a special trip to visit me and meet the babies. They were witness to the Mayhem of Cake but seemed undeterred. It was great catching up with her. For those of you who don't know, she has been my friend from about the 4th grade. Carrie, another survivor of Hillman, also came down on another day and dished and shopped with me. It is so amazing to see our lives and remember when we used to bike ride all over the place (14miles) and when we went to Camp Okyock. I remember the bonfires and when I got to hold an owl.
  • I saw family and friends and can't wait until they take me up on the offer to come for a visit here.
The Second Ride:

The ticket agent was mean and hateful and told me that it wasn't Southwest's job to help me make my connection and there aren't people to help me unless I am in a wheelchair. So, I prayed and put that behind me and got wonderful response to my prayers (and I am sure other peoples as well).

I was sad because part of the helpfulness of strangers kinda backfired. The attendants came out to carry the babies on board and I didn't get a chance to give my goodbyes to Andrea and Heaven. I suppose it's okay because now Andy can brag that he was the only one who got a hug goodbye.

The pilot was ending his leg in Baltimore where I was connecting, and insisted on carrying my car seat and bag while I pushed the babies. I was chucking bagel at the babies like I was feeding ducks, when someone asked if I was traveling alone and I said yes. People then just jumped in, one gentleman carried the car seat, one my bag and a woman even sat in my row on purpose just to help me. Ava was getting feisty trying to get out of the stroller and was promptly picked up by a teacher boarding with us. It was so awesome to see God working in such a practical way in my life. It makes me feel so small.

We arrived to humidity that made my hair 3 times bigger immediately and John attempting to storm the jet way. FYI, if you get a gate pass to help someone deplane, you cant go on the jet way. I think that John probably could have disabled him with his thumb but he resisted. We got home about 9pm and the twins were happy to be home and in their own beds.

I was happy to be done flying!

Since coming home: We have been getting back to routine. I have braved the Commissary to shop for groceries, cleaned and all of us got colds. I had a migraine yesterday and called in the Calvary (Stephantastic) to help me through it. I was in the hurt locker for sure for a while, but I am feeling revived a bit today. We are just working on returning to normal...whatever that is for us!!!

I think that 80% of doing something is just deciding to do it and that is what the trip was like. We decided to go, and have fun with it and it was great. It doesn't hurt to have amazing support from family and friends and most of all FAITH!

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