Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our Little Miracles are one...

So, today was filled with cake and fun and lots and lots of family. I am just reminded that I am very lucky to have my life. I almost didn't get a chance to be a mom at all and now my little miracles are One Year Old. I love them so much and being there for them is a completion of a dream I never knew that I had inside me. I always thought that I would have kids but never knew that it would be like this. I never knew that I would feel so good as a Mother. It's strange to love a job you weren't even sure you wanted to ever apply for. We weren't sure that we were going to start a family for sure, then we were pregnant. Then we were preparing for the c-section and preparing to come home and then I almost died on the table. We won't have any more little miracles so I am enjoying every moment of them and mourning those same minutes. I miss them being small and at the same time, am so excited to know them more as they grow into the people they will be in the world. That is the long and short of Avalina and Jaden's first birthday. At least that is my reflection on it.


always in the kitchen said...

Happy First Birthday,Ava, Jaden,and mommy!
You've had a roller coaster of a first year!

Star know always what a wonderful mother you are and how very lucky I am to know you.

May God continue to bless you and your family.Love,and best wishes, mom

Jodi said...

Star, It was great to see you and to love on those babies of yours!! I think they are a wonderful blessing! Can't wait to see you again. Love ya girl ~ Jodi