Friday, April 4, 2008

I've been (sorta) fired!

Today I was informed that my services as a volunteer committee
chairperson would no longer be needed. I was asked to do this job,
even recruited at first, and now I have been informed that the board
will be doing my job and parsing our responsibilities as needed. I
don't quite know how to feel about being unofficially fired from a
volunteer job. No one told me that I wouldn't be needed, just that
what I was told was my responsibility has been taken over by others...
I'm a bit unsettled.

I suppose my personality isn't for everyone. Anyone that knows me,
knows that I won't be changing anytime soon. That's the nicest thing
that I can say for now, so I will keep the rest to myself.


Amber said...

count your blessings and move on, sister!!

Starlite said...

I just counted the babies, safely in their beds, so now I get to move on....tks

Carrie ; ) said...

Their loss sis, theres nohing wrong with ur personality.... :)smile we all still luv u!!!