Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm leaving on a Jetplane...

Well, I know when I will be back again but not necessarily in what kind of shape. I have taken every precaution and preparation. All that is left to do is load the car and being our journey tomorrow. For those of you here in Virginia, who are mad that we will not be celebrating the twins first birthday here, do not fret...we will have a make-up party/mom's celebration day on May 10th. That is Mother's Day weekend, so mark your calendars and come out the Saturday before and have a little BBQ and cake fun at Red Wing Park. Just email me for details. I think that we will do cupcakes and just let the kids run wild.

Please pray for my sanity and the hearing of the other passengers while we are flying...take-off is at 2:20...landing at 5:10. I am sure it will feel like a week. I will try to post, but if I can't seem to make it happen, I will do a huge journaling once we return.

God Bless,

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always in the kitchen said...

Stay safe and have a wonderful trip!Love, Mom