Thursday, April 10, 2008

A couple of funny and sunny things...

I had a pretty good day. The babies are already asleep after a rousing good time with JoAnne. They didn't have an afternoon nap because they were having way too much fun partying with her. I managed to get my anniversary package sent out to Adam. For those of you who don't know, we will be celebrating 6 years together on April 20th. It's only one day after the babies birthday so he really has no reason to ever forget it. I also went to Physical Therapy and they all said that I was doing so great that I might get to stop treatment on a regular schedule pretty soon. So that's some of the basics of our day. The sunshine came out today for the first time in about 2 weeks, and we were all loving it.

Funny things:
I find that the more people I talk to like the are already my family, the more actually become part of my family.
Ava throws her bottle out of her crib when she is done with it, so it looks like she's in training to be in a hair band all around her crib.
Jaden clutches on you when he is tired and will IMMEDIATELY snuggle into a corner of his bed. He sleeps in a standard crib and refuses to go to sleep laying the right way, he prefers to be shoved up into a corner so that when he does stretch out, it's perpendicular.

~I am issuing a challenge to Adam to post once every three days, whether he has anything to say or not. We love to hear the mundane musings of shipboard life...

BTW, I think that he should enter the onboard talent show and play guitar!

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Amber said...

Yes, Adam, speak up!! :)