Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tough Times

The past few day have been tough. I hope everyone understands when I can't post much because my life is spinning out of control. It's only a pseudo-control anyway but I like the idea of it. Ava is being treated like she is allergic to peanuts for the next two weeks until we get the blood test screening with allergy panel results back. Chances are high for a peanut allergy and possibly more. We had to go to NMCP for the blood draw since our regular clinic in Chesapeake didn't have needles small enough for her little veins and it still took the pros two sticks. She was very upset but cheered up when we went on a little adventure to the 4th floor and had a visit with the first man and woman they ever saw. Dr. G and Dr. Staben. Jaden was all eyes at Dr. Staben but Ava was ready to go by then. She likes to be moving or in the car to fall asleep.

I will leave you with a happy little story:

My Life in 15 minutes (Ava and Jaden 10.5 mos):

I get the babies out of the bath. Slather Ava, affix diaper and shove into sleeper; set Ava to the side. She seems occupied. Get naked Jaden out of crib before he christens it his special little way. I slather him with lotion. He immediately turns over and scampers away. I lose my grip and cannot regain purchase on him because it is like trying to wrangle a baby seal covered in oil. Ava scampers after him across the room. I am slowed in the chase by back pain and trying to recover ruined jeans from baby oil/baby lotion mixture now smeared on them. Ava catches Jaden and tickles his back, to which he laughs hysterically. She then leans in like she is going to hug him and instead licks him. After finding the lotion to be acceptable to her palate, she goes in for a big ol' bite of butt cheek. NICE...

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