Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Silly Babies

Our babies are very silly. Jaden takes his bib off immeadiately whenever he is getting full. At least it stays on longer than a hat. Those last about 3 seconds. Ava finally has a hair bow that will stay in , thanks to Walmart and Rossella's impeccable taste. We found them a couple of days ago when she came to help me around the house and with the twins. Ava is getting some speed behind her walking, which resulted in a bruised chin today. She is fearless and unsteady. That combined with speed is dangerous. I was looking at this photo and saw that Ava and I have the same chin and cheeks. I think that she has my Dad's shape. A long torso and short little legs. She is so cute when she walks. She started signing and saying, "Ball" two days ago. It's pretty funny because I can distract her from whatever she is focused on by saying , "Ball?" and she signs and looks for one. Jaden started getting interested in the ball popper. It blows air up and shoots out little balls. He watches them go down the shoot and then waits for them to pop up again. He will also throw a ball back and forth with me. I don't know what age is normal for that kind of behavior but he has done it for about a month. A few more little tidbits before I go to watch American Idol and boo David Archulet. Ava loves avocado. Jaden likes to stick out his tongue. Ava likes to scrub Jaden's hair in the bath...she squeals! Jaden gives kissses, and so does Ava...but she may bite you , so watch out. I bought them a little inflatable pool today to splash around in. They are the sweetest when they talk to each other. I couldn't ask for better little people to be around.

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Amber said...

I love the pic of you and Ava!