Sunday, March 30, 2008

Patas deMono

As you can see, Jaden had Monkey-feet like his Dad. They are the cutest little chubby feet that I have ever seen. Ava has petite little girly tootsies. Well, I am unbeliveably tired and have wasted the time that a logged taking an afternoon nap while the babies napped, by working on this but I have an obligation to my public to post...or an obligation to Adam to post. The rest of you are awesome but he needs it like it's his heart medicine.

The rundown for the last two weeks included:

~New kitchen shelving and replacement of the UGLY bookshelves
~Jaden crawls on this hands and knees only when he doesn't want a cold belly
~New scrapbook idea to use photos, paper, keepsakes on canvas (tks Amber)
~Dinner from P.F. Chang's
~Made funny new onesie/t-shirts for babies...informative, "Identical Twins are Unoriginal", "Innie/Outie", "Organic/Homemade", "Of course my Twins are Natural, I grew them myself".
~Bought tickets for the Babies First Plane Ride/First Birthday Trip! We will be going to Michigan April 12th! Look for us in the middle of the mitten.
~Planning a trip to N.C. to see Aunt Jessie become a nurse! If you have suggestions for cute gifts for her, I am still looking!
~Got to hang out with Amber a little...
~Sat in my house without the twins for the first time since I was pregnant, it was eerie and unsettling. They were on a walk with JoAnne and Carolyn. It was only 10 minutes but I couldn't wait for them to come home.
~My T-shirt design was chosen for the homecoming t-shirts that Adam's ship deployment group. I won some tickets for a first-kiss raffle. If I win, Adam comes off the ship first and I get the first smoocher!

That's the long and short of it, I also finalized a design for a Mom's club that I am a member for that they will use to wear in the March of Dimes, March for Babies. I am excited that I was able to contribute despite being unable to attend.

I have been thinking about how I would like my children to see me before I act, and that is making my job as a Mom better. I like being here for them, and I love that they can communicate with me now. I hear lots of MaMa's and they are signing and saying new words all the time. A funny new affectation is their combined and coodinated love for Friends. It's kid friendly, so I put it on in the afternoons sometimes or just before they got up to bed and they will stop whatever they are doing and pay attention to the theme song. Jaden dances and Ava squeals in delight. They also love listening to Jack Johnson. I thought that since Adam was leaning a few songs before he left, that they might associate the music to Dad and they do! When the music comes on, the kick those little legs and sing and say, "DaDa" over and over. It is so adorable.

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Yeah for PF Changs!!!