Saturday, March 1, 2008

Our First Post

Well, this is a new venture for me and the babies. This is something that I hope to be able to maintain and keep everyone updated. I am going to encourage Adam to post while he is on deployment too! I will update as the day goes on but right now I have to run and see if I can get some shelving to put up in the kitchen. More excitement later!

We didn't get to see the shelves due to a trip to the emergency room for the seller's daughter. She has a broken arm from skateboarding at Mt. Trashmore. I have a feeling that is something that I have to look forward to.

The babies and I still had a nice drive out in the sunshine which made them sleepy. I was able to sneak them inside and put them in the cribs and get a mini-nap myself. I think that I have a cold but nothing serious.

We found out that Adam will be home approximately 5 weeks earlier than we thought. Please don't comment on what time frame we are looking at because that is BAD OPSEC and we don't want anyone trying to bomb our boys. I am thinking of trying to get a beach house or cabin near the beach when he returns and we (family and friends) can have a ball and get some fresh air while relaxing. I think it would be great and by that time I know that I will be needing some kind of vacation.

I have some fun ideas for fundraisers for the FRG (Family Readiness Group) and if anyone else has anything that they would like to suggest...please feel free to help me out. So a few ideas that I have had are:

  • rummage sale where we rent tables and profit from the sale of food. I think people would pay $5-$10 /table to sell crafts or yard sale items. I know that lots of wives also do Avon, Mary Kay, get the idea
  • service auction at the halfway party; e.g. silent auction on photo session donated by me, maybe a child care provider donates an evening out, a hairdresser donates a haircut, or maybe someone who likes to bake will donate cake of choice. I know that I would bid on someone to come to the house to cut mine and the babies hair or cook dinner for us. I would even offer a tray of enchiladas or something to have people bid on. The great thing about this one is it's all profit.
  • we are already going to sell homecoming t-shirts; design to be voted upon by the board
  • Car Wash with BBQ to keep the kiddos happy and fed while we all wash cars, maybe somewhere on base. That would be fun on a hot day.

I was inspired to create some new designs for Navy Wives/Military Wives since I have been preparing for the deployment and I think that I have some pretty funny ones so far. Take a peek here and keep checking back for more. I just started working on one that had a pic of a nun and says "Six month Nun" due to the vow of chastity that is imposed on us in service to our country.

I also have t-shirts for SAHM that crack me up. My latest lists all the jobs that we do. I am looking for enough to fill the entire front or back of the shirt.

You all have Amber to thank for this because she is the one who inspired me to start this endeavour. I am going to try to keep up and put something on this every day or two. Tomorrow we are going to buy car seats because Fatty doesn't fit in his anymore. I found one that will fit them until they are 100lbs. for only $99 which is SUPER FANTABULOUS since I have to buy two eventually.

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