Sunday, March 2, 2008

Monotony and Flakes

I am feeling a bit let down after the day that I had. The babies were wonderful and pleasant most of the day but I feel like they were the only ones. More than two people flaked on what they said they would be doing today at the last minute. It is just difficult to maintain the house, babies and my sanity when I can't predict what the next hour or two is going to bring.

I had several appointments/engagements that fell through this week and I suppose that it is catching up with me. The babies are on a more reliable schedule than most adults that I seem to be dealing with.

On a nicer note, I may have a cute video to share in the next couple days of the two of them brushing their teeth in the pack-n-play/ball pit. It was adorable and not something that most people get to see even when the visit.

Our days are mellow for the most part but very long for me. I am always asked, "How do you manage by yourself with twins?" so I am going to make that my next post. I am going to think about the schedule that I keep on most days and what goes into it. Just for fun we will do a Thursday since that is usually playdate day and grocery shopping day if I haven't had anyone to help out here...

Keep looking for that one.

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