Sunday, March 16, 2008

Jessie is HERE!

We have had some interesting experiences the past few days, including witnessing an 8 yr. old boy being subjected to a horrifying hairstyle, teaching Jaden to stick out his tongue, new recipes, and a interesting anecdote about Jessie and the girls posting our yard sale sign at 10 at night.

First, the gruesome haristyle(s)? We saw this little potentially normal boy in the mall with a half-bob/half-shaved mullett-esque do. It was wrong. It was some new form of child abuse. Click here for clipping the mom must have taken to her stylist, for her son's new haircut.

Jessie then taught Jaden what I am sure is not the last time I will see him sticking out his tongue at me. NICE?!

We made a dessert that looked like we actually did something when we really just threw some stuff together. Delicious and quick. Pound cake, cream cheese, marmalade, fresh pineapple and some frozen strawberries.

Jessie, Sway and Bug went to put up our yard sale sign in the pitch black. Jessie was limping like an axe murderer...limp-running. I am sure the blue-hairs in the neighborhood were about to call the cops. They also managed to use an entire roll of packing tape putting up one sign the size of a posterboard. So how many people does it take to put up a yard sale sign? Apparently at least 3 when conducted as a night-ops exercise. Complicated due to injured team member.

Today all we did was spend alot at the Nex and made the Food Court cheerio-tastic.

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Amber said...

I spent some time at the food court at the NEX, too! Must be payday weekend, eh?