Saturday, March 22, 2008

Be Realistic People

I would like to put a public service announcement for everyone on
here. Please try to understand that I am currently doing the job of
both Mother and Father while still working part-time. If I can't call
you back or answer and email until 10p.m. there is probably good
reason. I don't have time to think about petty slights and
misunderstandings. If I can't get back to you, it's for good reason.
I don't have time to spend tending to every hurt feeling or imagined
affront. I don't even have time for my long-overdue nervous
breakdown. If you are in doubt of this please reference my schedule
to see where my time is spent. Please add at least 4-6 hrs. this week
for teething pain soothing and waking up an hour early. I am
exhausted and cannot be bothered to listen to anyone complain about
how much their life stinks while I clean a bathroom at 10 at night or
scrub stains out of laundry after a fulfilling meal of Top Ramen.


Amber said...

do you need a latte? 'Cause I will bring you one tomorrow!

Jodi said...

OK I have a teething tidbit for ya! Classic Jodi info here! :) My baby Anna (who is now 4) found the best way for comfort and very quick teething. A Wrench. Hers was a 9/16 but I am sure any size will do. It was one of Eugenes new ones so it was clean. They stay nice and cool and has no give so when your chewing on it the tooth pops out quick! If I would have known this, Paul and Alex would have used them too!!!!